April is no Fool

Greetings gemstone lovers,

April is no fool? What does it mean! Well, we are telling that there is some serious work put into the past months, to bring you the best in what we do, and we are really excited to hear your feedback !


Here are the logbook :

  1. We are designing a new limited edition series preparing to be launched by end of April, just in time for Labour’s day! (We need our vacation xD)
  2. There is an incremental upgrade to the user experience of our site
  3. There will be quality upgrades for social media posts
  4. Quality is our top concern! Prepare to be amazed with how your dollar could stretch for these amazing soon-to-be-released *ahem* Swarovski *ahem* products
  5. Phase 2 of Vintayge as a business community will commence! WWOOOOO!

I hope that everyone is excited for the remainder of April. Be surprised, as we are about to stunt you with surprises!

Anticipating Excellence,

Kelvin Tay.

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