Dynasty Revealed.

Greetings gem enthusiasts!

Welcome once again to Vintayge.com, thank you for your continuous support throughout our journey to provide the best quality jewellery at an affordable price.

After months of gruelling, blood-sweat turmoil, we are pleased to announce..


An era of Swarovski gemstone bracelets 

There are a total of 5 products being rolled out, with each bracelet, there’s a story behind it, find the bracelet which suits your  personality and define the bracelet yourself.

Product details,

each bracelets are crafted to the highest order of quality, using natural gemstones of the highest quality. The charms are elegantly designed and plated with 24k gold using the latest plating technology. With the centre piece being the crowning jewel, situates the fine-cut Swarovski diamonds.

Here are the 5 exquisite bracelet designs:


  1. Cynosure

  1. Imperial Valor

  1. Connoisseur

  1. Madellion

  1. raja.

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