What’s next, Vintayge?

Dear all,

Wow.. it has been a while right? No posts, no updates, no new products! What the h#c* is going on? Seriously, don’t worry, we will keep you updated in this post.


This entity of a business, Vintayge, was branded towards a luxurious & lively lifestyle motto, keeping quality, excellence, and that pure passion in mind. Something which will keep you burning inside, be it that hot weather we are facing right now, or that undying passion. It resembles us, the new generation of milleniums.


Here are the current milestones:

  1. Social media

Social media.. mhmmmm… that brewing coffee, scent of aroma, chattering richochetting off those four walls, do you get the warm feeling of being closed-in into a conversation? That’s the feeling we are trying to achieve! Let us be the brand that you speak off, a sense of warmth and comfort!

We are active over on Facebook (Vintayge) and Instagram (@vintayge_original). Furthermore, this blog will be more lively than usual! Featuring many of your stories! Please keep an eye out for that open publication!

  1. Branding 

Our branding always has some form of meaning being it from the finest details, to how it feels and looks. Trust us, it took us researches piled up to make decisions from the packaging to the beads you are wearing today :), and we are very proud of that!

Our intentions in mind, were to keep an environemntal friendly initiative, but still remaining utmost quality and classy. Who said we couldnt have the best of both worlds! It’s proven here today!

We will be looking into upgrading our packaging process, so keep up on our instagram for #bts #awesomesauce

  1. Expanding to other fields of products

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. secret #secretproject coming soon.

  1. Partner and retail programs

Officially, we are a registered business in Malaysia, and we are looking into expanding our brand to the entire region including certain overseas market ( you guys are very demanding!) we are planning to expand our team, mainly into operation management, marketing management and sales executives. b. We are pushing in the partnership concept, if you are interested into being a part of our brand, selling as a retailer, feel free to contact us!

  1. You!

Last but definitely not the very least, its YOU guys. we want to thank you all from the deepest part of our hearts on supporting us through this journey of becoming a brand that is by your side and accompanying you through your life. Vintayge is a brand for us, a life essense, and we are very proud for that! Kudos!




Mark T.

Social Manager, Vintayge



Kelvin Tay,

CEO, Vintayge.

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