The Dynasty

The royal luxurious glamour, astounding charisma and the esteemed feeling associated to the word Dynasty, can now be found in these dynasty-concept bracelets.

Presenting you Vintayge – Cynosure

Crafted to Feng Hsui 风水

The concept of BaGua & Feng Hsui has been established since Han Dynasty. The same concept has been crafted to the designs of Cynosure. Have a look at the precise-cut edges, colour combinations, materials of gems, all well thought out.

Premium quality

Selection of gems and materials have to pass through a strict quality control (QC) system and evaluations. We choose only high-quality gems and jewels from trusted suppliers only, this is our core value and vision for the jewellery industry.

Only the best – Swarovski diamonds

We are honoured to use Swarovski-cut premium diamonds into our bracelets. Matching elegance to our Dynasty series bracelets, this is the perfect match made for you, bringing elegance, charisma and luxury to you.

When (Dynasty + Modern) design

Crafted & designed by our founder, he believes in bringing the vintage values into modern design jewellery craftsmanship & etiquette, ultimately, not forgetting our roots and values. Dynasty bracelets are suitable for both young and senior age groups, it only matters how you wear the feel of it!

Meet the Dynasty

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Christmas & New Year

Botanical Life


Christmas & New Year

Mythical the 2nd

RM139.00 RM89.00

Christmas & New Year

Heavens’ tears

RM139.00 RM98.00



RM129.00 RM99.00



Our bracelets are designed with a concept of meaning, and the Dynasty bracelets sound the voices of us, as the younger generations. Take a stand on supporting traditional values, now with a twist of modern fashion. <3

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